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Color Consulting for Interior & Exterior Design

RS Design believes that your home and business environment is essential to your well-being. RS Design specializes in color consulting, staging and interior design.

From the blueprint stage to move-in, I can assist you in making the right choices — coordinating color, texture and finishes — for any environment.

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Our client, Dr. Peter Thompson writes:
“The experience of being within a Ron Scharfe-designed home resonates at a deep intuitive level. There is solidity; a feeling of being grounded. This is experienced as a calming, strong, holding energy. This strength is balanced with what can be best described as whimsy — lighthearted touches that feel like moments of grace.  As one moves through the space, the heart inwardly smiles, as color, texture and proportion are thoughtfully balanced with heart, life and love.”

Palm Springs, CA  |  Seattle, WA